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The modern cupboards are designed with advanced locking systems, double coated doors, making it impossible to break it open. Automobiles are impossible to open with duplicate keys, or get into. The efforts go into vain, if we rely on the age-old methods of unlocking it.

Electronic door locks, hands down are the biggest evolution in the history of locks. An electronic lock uses an actuator to connect the mechanical lock parts to a small motor buried inside the door or frame. The motor is activated by electrical impulse, which may be delivered by a keypad, an electronic card reader, or even a wireless remote sensor or your thumb impression. It is impossible to open the lock until it receives the proper electrical signals.Choosing the right type of lock can be confusing, and most people select different lock styles for different applications. To ensure that your home or business is fully protected, consider seeking advice from a professional locksmith.So, in-case you have lost your keys, keys to your house, which had the keys of the car and the office keys. What are you going about it now?

Hire Locksmith for Opening the Modern Locks!

Commercial locksmith is the answer to all your doubts. They are the trained professionals for opening the locks of your valuable possessions, without making it look like burglary. They are trained at the task of opening the locks without keys, which is their job. In today’s time, the modern locks like:-

Pin and Tumbler Locks

Pin and tumbler locks are the most common one. The mechanism contains a set of spring-loaded pins inside small cylinders. When the key is inserted, it compresses the springs, aligning the space between the bottom and top pins around a track known as the shear line. The compression of an incorrect key will misalign at least one pin, blocking the shear line and preventing the key from turning.

Tubular Locks

The tubular lock is a specific type of pin and tumbler lock named for its unique circular key. A rectangular notch on the key matches a similar hole on the lock for proper insertion. Tubular locks are most often found on items that are left unattended for long periods, such as ATMs, vending machines, and glass display cabinets in retail stores.

Rim Locks

Rim locks are common for ancient homes but are not frequently used today. They are among the oldest types of locks, and are surface mounted onto the door. A rim lock generally uses a simple latch mechanism, with obstructions known as wards inside the keyhole to prevent the wrong key from being used.

Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is installed in a pocket, known as a mortise, that’s cut into the door. Mortise locks may use simple latches or high security deadbolts. They are strong, durable and, depending on features, may be extremely secure.

Electronic Locks

These locks are governed by electric patterns, creating different patterns which only open by the designated keys, or hand impression

Aforementioned, are the few amongst the various types of lock available in the market, with more complexities to open without keys. The lost of keys is like losing something highly valuable.

A locksmith at Inner Glove Heights, we give access to trained professions who can open the closed doors the way they are supposed to be opened. Our professionally trained employees work differently, because they work with precision towards opening the locks, not breaking the lock.


Behind the locked doors lies very crucial information, many times the information is lost in attempt to unlock it without keys. One must take help from professional locksmith in cases of keys or you’ve forgotten the password.