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New locks, old locks, specialized locks or the ones guarding your most prized possessions, we can mend them all. We provide lock smith services around the clock, which is a 24 hour services. You have locked yourself outside your home, forgot your car keys inside your vehicle, lost the keys to your locker during times of emergency or cannot find the keys or the right combination to age old locks.

Times of unfortunate or unpleasant situations call for desperate measures. Locksmith inver grove heights provide 24 hour locksmith services to put you out of your misery. We believe that a lock broken during times of emergency provides more comfort than the locks sitting, and waiting to be rusted.Our aim and purpose is to put you out of frustrating and irritating circumstances when a lock does not open, due to various reasons or you want build a new lock to ensure more security. During such time locksmith services come handy due to their knowledge and accuracy in this field. A field which might be perceived to be of dubious means, because profession involves dealing with locks. People will always say something because it is their job, and because they have a mouth. We ensure of providing with the most honest, sincere and dedicated service.

Locksmith inner groove heights

As locksmiths, we offer a large variety of lock opening services. Whether you need something done to your home locks, car locks, or work place locks, we can provide the desired service. You can comfortably rely on us to be where you need us in no time to solve any issue you have with your lock, whether you need a new lock installed, unlock any lock or you want to add a master key system to your business, we can prove be of great help. You can trust us with closed eyes.

Variety of Locks

Padlocks: these are most commonly used ones, offering different variety. Our trained lock smiths can manage to unlock any type.

Dead bolts, knob locks: these are found on doors, guarding them. These support both hard lock and password locks. Our expert locksmiths know how to deal with them, and opening them without damaging the door or the wall.

Lever Handle Lock/wall locks, knob locks: these locks also safeguard the room and are found on the door. Some days, due to bad weather or on a bad day these lock might give you a hard time. You should know whom to reach on such days.

Wall mounted locks: these locks are actually mounted in the wall. Wall mounted locks are used for small safe. Losing key or breaking them without professional help can damaged the false ceiling, creating havoc.

Rim Latch type locks: these locks have a standard or pre-designed rim cylinder on one side and a surface mount latch lock on the other. Rim latch locks usually have an auto lock the door behind you, because of the polished lock handle and are extremely popular and used in many apartment complexes. Rim latch locks are generally smooth and do not take a large amount of force but can be paired with other locks when used on an external door. Forgetting the key or combination to these locks can mess-up the situation for you. Our professional lock smith will deal with them affectively giving the apt solution to resolve the problem at hand.

Electric or automobile locks: both these lock type have certain pre-designated patterns which only match after inserting the designed key. These patterns or connections are company designed responding only to the assigned key, and loosing the key or forgetting the pattern may create a debacle regarding what is being searched for.


Irrespective of the lock type, the professional locksmiths can re-open the locks. They make a hard job look easy because of their proficiency. If safety is bothering you, do not forget they are professionals and it is their daily job. Be assured, you will definitely find a key to your lock with complete secrecy and safety about your belongings.